What to Expect

The RE Programme has been designed and developed in order to give full benefit to the participant.
Day One

You will arrive the night before day one of the programme, where you can look forward to a relaxed evening, meeting and joining your fellow programme participants for dinner.

Day one of the programme will begin with a 30 minute yoga session, followed by breakfast.  The first session of the day will cover the area of leadership and your role.  This will be supported with a comprehensive personality and leadership report for each attendee.  

Following morning refreshments, the programme will explore the areas of mental & physical fitness and the connection to resilience and emotional intelligence.

In the afternoon, the day will move to topic of performing under pressure using the unique red / blue thinking method. There will also be a problem solving / decision making workshop, followed by clinic on the importance of sleep.

Day one will close out with a relaxed dinner in hotel's award winning Tree Top Restaurant.

There's More

Day Two

The second of your RE-Programme will commence with a 40 minute meditation session followed by breakfast.  In the first session of the day, we will look at you and your emotional intelligence using the highly recognised ECR test report.
After some mid-morning munchies, we will keep with the food theme and explore the very important area of diet with a Mindful Eating Clinic in the company of Aisling Larkin.   Aisling is co-founder at Foodoppi, food media broadcaster with Virgin media, where she appears each week on the Six O Clock show.  Aisling is a feeding and mindful eating coach. 

Following  your healthy lunch, the programme will move to the implementation of learning phase, with the aid of a real life based case study.  This segment is designed to bring all the learning from the individual workshops together in a meaningful and practical way.

The programme will close with an action planning & goal setting session, which has been included in order for you to cultivate a plan, which will support your newly developed aims and intentions.